Savji Dholakia Net Worth & How Small Town Boy Become Diamond King?

Savji dholakia Net worth, Salary, earnings, his companies Turnover, His career journey, achievements-awards and Biography, we will see in this blog post.

Who is Savji Dholakia?

Savji Dholakia is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder of Hari Krishna Exports, one of the leading diamond manufacturing and exporting companies in India. He comes from a humble background and started his business in the diamond industry in the late 1980s. Under his leadership, Hari Krishna Exports has grown into a renowned company with a global presence. He is also famous with diamond king in public.

Net Worth: $1210 Million USD (10,000 Crore Rupees)       
Net Worth In Rupees: 10,000 Crore Rupees
Name: Savji Dholakia
Yearly Income / Earnings: 50 Crore+
Monthly Income / Earnings: 4 Crore+
Sources of Income: Diamond Business, Jewellery Business
Profession: Businessman, Socialist
Age: 60 Years
Social Media: Instagram, Facebook,Twitter,Youtube
Updated on:  2023

How much is Savji Dholakia Net worth?

Savji dholakia net worth is approximately 10,000 Crore rupees as of 2023 according to our research. He is earnings his massive net worth from Hari krishna exports and Kisna Diamond Jewellery company. At Hari krishna exports company diamond taking shape by polishing then after the polished diamond ready for jewellery in kisna Diamond company. These both companies profits directly contributing to Savji dholakia net worth.

Savji dholakia Assets

Houses: Savji Dholakia owns many houses in many countries because his many close family members lives in many country for his business of diamond. Savji dholakia and his younger Brother cum business partner Ghanshaym Dholakia purchased 185 crore house in mumbai’s worli area. He also owns many farms in Surat and also in his native place Dudhala. Recently they buit farm named panch ganga sarovar in dhudhala for irrigation of farmers of their native.

Cars: Savji dholakia owns many luxurious cars. in his car collection Rolls Royce Ghost, Ferrari, Mercedes, And Porsche. He also own luxurious vanity van which cost is more than 2 crore rupees. savji dholakia seen several times with his family in his native village with this luxurious vanity van.

Companies: He own 2 companies which are not public listed companies. so he own 100% stack of both companies. That’s why its not bad to called companies to his assets. Turnover is more than 10,000 crore per year of both companies hari krishna exports and kisna diamond. Its directly contributing to savji dholakia net worth. 

Savji Dholakia Net worth
Savji Dholakia Net worth

How Small Town Boy savji Dholakia Become Diamond King?

Savji Dholakia was born on April 12, 1962, in Dudhala, a small village in the Amreli district of Gujarat, India. He hails from a modest background and grew up in a family involved in farming. Dholakia’s family faced financial challenges, and he had to overcome several hurdles in his early life. Because of His family’s  financial condition was poor that’s why they came in surat to work as diamond polishing labour with leaving his Education of 4th standard at the age of 12 years.

He started his journey by working as a diamond polisher and cutter. In the late 1980s, Dholakia took a leap of faith and founded his own diamond manufacturing and exporting company, Hari Krishna Exports, in Surat, Gujarat. He started with a small team of family member and gradually expanded his business operations.

After some year Because of his Leadership skill and work tactics his business was grew and expanded to all over world with support of his family member. Currently his companies work in 72 countries. Recently in 2022 His both companies turnover crossed 12500 crore rupees.

Dholakia’s perseverance, dedication, and business acumen helped him overcome various challenges and transform Hari Krishna Exports into a successful enterprise. His remarkable journey from a small village to becoming a renowned entrepreneur in the diamond industry has inspired many individuals. Must Check Vivek Bindra Net Worth

How Savji Dholakia is become Famous Businessman than other Businessman?

Savji Dholakia is known for his unique and generous employee reward programs. He gained widespread attention for his practice of gifting cars, houses, and other valuable items likes cars, house, and jewellery to his employees as performance incentives. This approach garnered significant media coverage and earned him the nickname “Diamond King” in the Indian press. He also faith in simple living and high thinking attitudes. this attitudes also helping in savji dholakia’s fame.

Savji Dholakia Biography

Full Name: Savji Dhanji Dholakia
Nick Name: Savji Dholakia
Birthday: 12 April 1962
Place of Birth: Dudhala, Amerli, Gujarat
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft, 8 in (1.78 Meter)
Weight: 70 Kg
Age: 60 Years
Hair Colour: White (Bald)
Eye Colour: Black
Girlfriend: N/A
Marital Status: Yes
Wife: Kokila Ben Dholakia 
Siblings: Yes (4 Brother) 
Children: Yes (2) Dravya Dholakia 
Mother Name: Santok Baa
Father Name:  Dhanjibhai Dholakia
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Profession: Businessman
Yearly Salary: 50 Crore
Net Worth: 10,000 Crore Rupees ( $181 Million)
Social Media:  Instagram, Facebook,Twitter,Youtube
Updated on: 2023



Padma Shri: In 2022 Award savji dholakia also honored with padma shri awards at rashtripati bhuwan for his social works.

Times Power Icons: Savji Dholakia was honored with the Times Power Icons award in the category of Business Excellence in 2018.

India Today Diamond Awards: Dholakia received the India Today Diamond Award in the category of “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2018.

Surat Ratna Award: Dholakia was presented with the Surat Ratna Award in 2018 by the Surat Municipal Corporation.

Key Fact of Savji Dholakia

  • Savji dholakia has only 3 standard education.
  • He is believing in very simple living and high thinking.
  • Savji Dholakia net worth is Almost increased after 2008 world recession.
  • Whenever he visit his native village dudhala, He always work as like farmer with his dressing sense because he like staying down to earth.
  • His companies is not giving any job who have bad rabbits of tobacco. Because savji dholakia hate’s tobacco.
  • In his Motivation seminar he often use word ” O hello ” in funny style To drive public concentration toward him.
  • He did Many good things for his good lifestyle and earnings of his village public.
  • His Uncle Govind kaka (Govind dholakia) is also owner of Big company named Shree ram krishna exports its equivalent to Savji dholakia’s business.
  • Behind Success of savji dholakia, Govind dholakia’s role is very important.
  • At padma shri awards ceremony time, his whole family gifted helicopter to Savji dholakia but he never used helicopter and he donated his helicopter in welfare organisation. Must Check Vikas DivyaKirti Net Worth


Through his remarkable leadership as the founder of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd, a leading diamond exporting company based in Surat, Dholakia has steered the company towards great heights. His strategic vision and ability to capitalize on market opportunities have played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success.

Savji Dholakia’s entrepreneurial journey and philanthropic contributions exemplify the true spirit of success and generosity. With Savji dholakia net worth of 10,000 crore rupees, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the business world, leaving a lasting impact through his business ventures and philanthropic endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Savji Dholakia?

Savji dholakia’s net worth is approximately 10,000 Crore Rupees as of 2023.

How much does Savji Dholakia make annually?

Savji Dholakia earns a salary of Rs. 50 crores Per Year.

What is the name of Savji dholakia’s son?

Savji dholakia’s son name is Dravya dholakia.

Is Savji Dholakia’s company is Public listed company?

No, Savji dholakia’s company still not public listed company as of 2023.

Can i apply for job in Savji Dholakia’s company?

Yes, If you are graduate then you can apply for job in Savji Dholakia’s company for salesman.

From which village Savji Dholakia comes?

Savji dholakia came from his native dudhala to surat.

What is the starting salary in Savji Dholakia’s company?

Its depend on types of job. From base level job to expert level jobs salary respectively 20,000 to 5,00,000 rupees.

What is the name of savji dholakia’s company name?

Savji Dholakia’s company name is Hari Krishna exports and Kisna Diamond Jewellery.

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